Google Summer of Code 2020

2020, Aug 27    

My Work done in GSoC 2020


Title - Making Printer Application Configurable

MENTORS - [Michael Sweet, Till Kamppeter, Dheeraj, Ira McDonald, Aveek Basu]

The project involved contributing to PAPPL (Printer Application Framework) and making it more configurable.

PAPPL is a simple C-based framework/library for developing CUPS Printer Applications, which are the recommended replacement for printer drivers.

I have also started working on Gutenprint Printer Application.

Job(s) Cancel and Pager Support

Button for cancel job(s) from web interface and Paging support.

Related Issue - Closed

Closed by:

Creation and Deletion of Printer from Web Interface

Expand web interface to create/delete printers.

Related Issue - Closed

Closed by:

Log Rotation Support and modify log level

Expand web interface to view log file and log rotation support.

Related Issue - Closed

Closed by:

Test page button to print a test page using the current printing defaults.

Related Issue - Closed

Closed by:

Job Save/Load support and pending job files

Load/Save job history and pending job files.

Related Issue - Partially Closed

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Gutenprint Printer Application

Native Printer Application for Gutenprint. Will continue working on this after GSoC too.